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by Michelle Czajkowski.
((my heart goes *thump*))

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I redid this like four times ‘cause I kept messing up the animation. OTL

I don’t feel like doing Tuls but I proooobably should just cuz.

But yeah Nevy is my favorite so far. CX



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Or you can vote for one of the other comics, they’re all pretty great and I don’t want to be too pushy.




Ava’s Demon is like my favorite web comic, hands down

And Ava is my favorite character and god damnit I got pulled into the Ava and Odin ship and I cannot get out of it now. All that fanart and fanfics got me.


This is where I see my style drastically change when I actually take more time to do a picture, and keep some parts like they do in the comic.

I had to draw Ava looking awesome and ready to fight because we’re gonna get there eventually. Tried to make lava and fire but I suck at that. Poor Odin’s coat isn’t gonna be as nice after all of this.

Photoshop also scared the hell out of me because it crashed while I was doing this and I hadn’t saved yet and thank everything that it recovered a few steps behind because I would have cried, a lot.


Hey look, it’s fanart I’m not going to finish!


Quality time with the lil sis’ (Crow is painting his nails)


furiously doodles plant wife


My Maggie Lacivi cosplay at anime Boston Saturday!